10 Steps to Becoming An Effective 
And Confident 
Christian Influencer
You'll learn the exact steps to take to inspire and impact others with what you already know, love and do!  Ready 
to reclaim your time and attract those who need to hear your message?
For the last 20 years I have been working intimately with Dedicated Christians desiring to have a Transformational Influence and Impact!  As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Ordained Pastor I've been helping passionate Christians in every market you can think of!

From pottery and photography, gardening and preaching, business networking and pastoring, estheticians and prayer ministry, puppetry and speaking, travel planners and crafting, to personal development and so many more! 

And through it all I have discovered the tools that make a BIG difference in the success of those Influencers who thrive and those who struggle. 

Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Feeling Like You Are Wasting Your Time? This is the Guide You Have Been Waiting For!

So if you'd like to tap into more than 2 decades of effective influencing experience, download the free guide today!  This guide will ensure your vision and mission gets on the right path and stays that way for years to come! 

You are about to discover how to:

  • Have a Mindset that promotes motivation
  • Experience a Heart Posture that allows God to use you 
  • Obtain a Skill Set that puts you above other influencers
  • ​Attract those who need Your Knowldege
  • ​Step off the imposter syndrome treadmill
  • ​....and more!!!!

Reclaim your time and become the Influencer God has inspired you to be!  Get your free step-by-step Guide and find clarity today!

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